5 Quick Ways to Create Bathroom Space

ykitukYou’ve probably noticed the latest trend in remodeling: transform your bathroom into a resort, a spa, a personal retreat. What was once just a practical space in the house has now become a place of relaxation and leisure. It’s true, renovating your bathroom will make you want to spend more time there, but on a more pragmatic note, it will also help your home’s resale value. But what if you have a small bathroom? How can you turn a tiny enclosed area into an open-air sanctuary, and how can you do it under an even smaller budget? Well, here are a few quick tips that will help trick the eye:

1. Light and Mirrors
Like a magic trick, a great way to make small area look large is to simply create the illusion of space. Remove hanging light fixtures and install recessed lighting or wall sconces. Install mirrors that face each other to create a hall-of-mirrors effect. By bouncing the light and images around a room, your bathroom will grow in size and give the impression of space without removing any walls.

2. Look! Up

Home Office Organization Work from Big to Small

ykujl,jYou know what good home office organization looks like. It doesn’t include piles of books and file folders on the floor, papers strewn about the desk, half a dozen pens hiding underneath those papers. You look at your office, see the state it’s in and decide to do something about it. You probably hear the clichés: start small, one step at a time, create a new habit, stuff like that. You try it and maybe see it work for two or three days. Once you see improvement you lose the motivation to keep at it. The truth is all the good habits in the world aren’t going to help you if your office isn’t set up to facilitate good home office organization. You can spend countless hours working on habits that might transform themselves naturally if you dedicate one weekend to remodeling your home office with an eye looking specifically at organization.

Your Office Desk
Take a look at your desk. Is there enough shelving for everything? Do you have an open space for paper trays? If you

Formal Dining Rooms 5 Makeover Tips

fkmghk,Have you ever noticed there’s always one room in the house that never gets used? Why is that? Typically it’s because of one of two reasons: 1) nobody knows exactly what to do with the space, or 2) the area feels too stuffy and impersonal. These are usually the main problems with formal dining rooms. Either they seem unfinished and cold, or they look so grand it feels like a “No Trespassing” sign should be hung in the doorway. This is why these rooms are typically reserved for fancy dinner parties or the occasional holiday meal. Except usually these rooms contain the most expensive and elegant items in the house, so why let these go to waste? Here are a few makeover tips that you can use to make this space feel more comfortable.

Give and Take: An easy way to quickly transform a formal dining room into something more casual is to add and subtract some accessories. Invest in mirrors to open up the space a little and add more reflective light. Or install window treatments made from lighter, more colorful material for $250 to

Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout

Tile gout can be a serious problem for people in homes with tile floors because the problem can expand quickly and be hard to clean up once it has spread. The first step to cleaning your tile gout is to look at the type of damage that you currently have on your tile. You should look at how widespread and how thick the damage is. In addition, you should also look closely at spots that are commonly overlooked on your tile, such as in corners and underneath cabinets, to check and make sure that damage is not also on this tile.

If the damage is light, you should prepare a home made solution to clean the tile gout up. Your solution should consist of a very strong amount of bleach, and an amount that is commonly used is three fourths of a cup of bleach. Once you have emptied the bleach into a container, you should add one gallon of water to complete the solution. Once you have stirred the solution, you should use a very small brush to start cleaning the tile grout. Smaller brushes are effective for cleaning tile grout because they have a less chance

Are Your Gutters Causing Water in the Basement?

Cleaning gutters isn’t the most pleasant task.  You need to climb up a tall ladder and scoop out thick sludge using your hands or some type of tool.   It’s no wonder that many homeowners try to avoid this job by installing gutter guards:  screens and inserts that allow water to enter the gutter while keeping debris out.  Although these devices sound like a good idea, faulty ones can also cause water to seep into your basement.  Let’s take a closer look at the water seepage problems associated with poorly functioning gutter guards and see how these issues can be prevented.

Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can be divided into three different categories:  screens, inserts and shields.  Screen gutter guards are made of perforated material such as mesh; they can be professionally installed, but homeowners may opt to handle the installation themselves.  Shield gutter guards cover the whole gutter, using surface tension to move rain water over a lip on the guard and into the gutter.  Inserts are long foam pieces that are placed in the gutter so that water can enter but debris is kept out.

How Gutter Guards Lead to Wet Basements

How to Keep Summer Utility Costs Low

Summer doesn’t just mean warmer temperatures outside – it also means warmer temperatures inside your home. And this translates directly to increased energy costs as you attempt to keep your house cool. Luckily, there are a number of effective ways to keep your utility costs at bay this summer.

Install Energy Efficient Windows  

The number one way to boost your own home’s energy efficiency is by installing energy efficient windows. Window World of Central Alabama, one of the top providers of custom energy efficient windows in Birmingham, AL, states that these windows result in “48% reduction in solar heat transfer during the summer months.”

Turn Down the Air Conditioner

Running the air conditioning is nice, but it’s not very cost effective. Leaving it on all summer long will quickly drive up your utility costs. Invest in a programmable thermostat so your air conditioner goes to a higher temperature when you’re away at work and to a lower temperature when you’re at home.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Even the best energy-saving habits will be thwarted if you fail to properly maintain your air conditioner. Be sure to give

Air Conditioning Find A Reputable Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix

In general, it’s best to stay with associate degree cooling system repair company that focuses on air-con repair services. whereas several firms supply general unit repair services, like plumbing, HVAC, and more, you may be higher served by going with a corporation that focuses on air-con and heating. This way, you’ll be able to rest assured that the professionals that come back to your home area unit practised and actually grasp what they’re doing once engaged on your air-con unit.
Furthermore, if the residents will stand living while not air-con for some of days, it should additionally add their best interest to request value estimates from some totally different air-con repair firms. This way, they will compare quotes and go along with the one which will get the repair in deep trouble the most effective value. this might save them a good deal of cash once it involves the repair.
If the air-con unit within a home has stopped operating, families can probably need to decision associate degree air-con Repair company as quickly as doable. the majority don’t have abundant of a difficulty throughout the day while not a functioning air-con unit, however sleeping at midnight are often

Hidden Difficulties in Ceramic Tile Removal

Tile cracks, breaks off, or becomes stained. It happens, particularly with older tile. Your initial impulse is also to repair the tile, and lots of owners pick this route because it is that the most cost-effective. Before you create your call, though, you ought to investigate each the overall condition of your ceramic tile and what is inflicting the issues within the initial place. you most likely don’t need to repair your tile, if it’s solely attending to comprise unsoundness in another year or 2. If you opt it is time to interchange your tile, your commencement is clearly to get rid of your recent tile.
Chances are you ought to rent a floor tile removal Phoenix each to get rid of your recent tile and to put in your new floor, wall, or tabletop. If this is not in your budget and your tile is falling apart anyway, it’s going to be best to undertake a minimum of the tile removal on your own. seizing this project needs diligence and caution to shield each you and your home. arrange on dirt being all over, an honest quantity of manual labour, and therefore the handling of some dangerous